Many Employers have a generally poor view of those engaged in the business of recruitment, due in large part to the belief that agencies just throw resumes at them, hoping one catches the client’s eye and begins the process of interviewing and eventually hiring the candidate. Then billing for what Employers feel is an easy job and not deserving of the high fee rates charged by Agencies. There certainly are those recruitment firms that would fit very comfortably within that description. As the Latin phrase goes “Caveat emptor”, Let the Buyer Beware! Not all Recruitment Agencies fall into that category, just as not all companies are only out for themselves and their suppliers need to be wary.

The recruitment industry had remained, for many years, a staid, dusty and archaic business model, that is until in the late 1980s when Vendor Managed Service (VMS) began to enter the picture. It brought with it a new approach to the controlled sourcing, presenting, on-boarding, tracking and billing associated with contract workers, primarily in the Information Technology sector. However, this potentially solved only one portion of the recruitment industry’s many problems, therefore its appeal was limited by its own shortcomings. There are certainly many more problems the VMS world has not been able to overcome for the good of the clientele they serve.

We all have entered the age of IoT, the Internet of Things, bringing formidable reach to everyone with a computer, a little knowledge of how it works for their purposes, and they are now all masters of their own destinies. Not quite! As it applies to the sourcing of good strong candidates, it still requires a great deal of work in completing that process.

eQuidPro, recognizes all the above-mentioned issues as well as many more that plague the industry and interaction between Employers & Agencies. eQuidPro has built a process that does not ignore the vital relationship between Employer and Agency, in fact eQuidPro believes this working relationship is the strongest bond by which the best quality candidates can be sourced and presented to the potential Employer with due diligence having been an active partner in the joining of these two vital entities.

eQuidPro will guarantee improved process, lower costs and superior quality candidate resumes. It is in the Employer’s hands how many agencies they wish to have work on their job order and how many resumes they wish to receive from each. Only Agencies having a strong track record of sourcing top notch candidates, within a specific industry segment, will even see the job postings; therefore, only Agencies truly experienced in the industry segment and geographic area will be able to bid on those job postings.

Don’t hesitate, register immediately and start sourcing the best in class candidates at extremely competitive pricing.

Why Companies Choose Us

Sometime stating the obvious is redundant; however in this case it’s guaranteed.

Guaranteed to Lower Hiring Spend

  • DARP (Digital Automated Recruitment Process)
  • Highly competitive process
  • Bid process guarantees to lower fees

Consolidated Invoicing

  • One invoice for all company hires

Quality Candidate Submittals

  • Agency screened & vetted candidates

Secure Cloud Based Platform

  • Hosted on AWS secured servers
  • Disaster recovery and Business Continuity guaranteed

Risk Free Platform

  • 90 Day guarantee periods, employer’s choice
  • Full refund (certain restrictions apply)


  • Commercial General Liability
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Crime Bond
  • Umbrella Coverage


We are already working with approved vendors and internal teams

eQuidPro’s unique registration process guarantees that the agencies receiving your job posting are experts within that particular field; otherwise the job you have posted will not be visible to them. By using eQuidPro, you instantly extend your reach to find better candidates in less time. Traditional talent acquisition methods cannot give you the reach of a large community of recruiters while reducing your overall agency spend. You can also manage your talent acquisition processes efficiently by using eQuidPro as a centralized platform for all of your approved vendors.

Will I be flooded with hundreds of resumes and agencies?

Absolutely not! Employers have the power to control how many agencies they prefer to work with and how many resumes they want to receive from each agency when they post the job.

How does eQuidPro work for employers?

Once an employer registers with eQuidPro, they will have the ability to post a job through our Digital Automated Recruiting Process (DARP). Our detailed job questions will help determine the best possible candidates will get hired. These questions will help agencies get the right information as not all job description tell the whole story.

The search for your perfect candidate begins: The moment your jobs go live on eQuidPro, the bidding process begins by the agencies, (Agencies will have a specified time for the bidding process to be open) Again you select how long the bidding process will remain open to give many agencies time to post a bid. Agencies are selected by responsiveness and bidding fee amount; the most competitive bidders win the selection process.

Once agencies have been selected by our DARP system, agencies will be identified as being able to work that job and the employer will begin to see resumes from the agencies.

Employers can review incoming candidates straight from the eQuidPro system, or in your inbox, the system will send you resumes as they are submitted by agencies. You will have the ability to comment, reject, interview and hire candidate through our DARP system.

Do employers have to use the eQuidPro contract?

Yes, one central contract governs the relationship for all parties. The main contract was developed with the input and cooperation of many Fortune 500 employers and search firms.

How long will it take to see results?

Once a job goes live on the eQuidPro web site, the bidding process will begin, selection of your agencies will be determined by your choice of how long to leave the bidding open. Once the eQuidPro system has determined the lowest bidders, based on your selection, you will begin receiving candidates.

Who owns the submitted candidates?

Agencies own the candidates they submit, to that particular employer, for a period of six months from the date of submission. The employer owes a fee if, during this period, they hire one of those candidates for the job to which they were originally submitted or for any other position within their company.

Our company has jobs that are in a unique specialty and I have a hard time finding appropriate candidates. How will eQuidPro work for me?

It is in the registration process that agencies specify the areas of specialization they are most capable of sourcing candidates within. Once this process is completed, it is only these jobs that will be available to the agency and to which they are permitted to bid.

Can I work outside of the portal with agencies I meet through eQuidPro?

No. The Terms of Use prohibit working directly with agencies outside of eQuidPro. It is in the best interest of the market to continue to work through the portal and allow the portal to continue to minimize your cost and increase your quality.

Who refers candidates on eQuidPro? Why do they participate?

eQuidPro partners with experienced agencies and recruiters. By partnering with eQuidPro, members of eQuidPro’s recruiting community gain access to jobs at some of the best companies. As well, working with eQuidPro, larger recruiting firms can ensure recruiter productivity.

Can I edit my post after it is active?

Edits, to job orders, can only be made during the bidding process; once the bidding process has been completed, everything is final.

Do I need to register to post a job?

Yes. If you want to post jobs with us, please go to the main page of eQuidPro and click on the “Register” link

How does the employment guarantee period work?

eQuidPro will hold all payments until the probationary period is over, only then will the agency receive payment for their placement. In the event of a hire not working out within the probationary period, the client will receive a credit if invoice paid within 30 days of original start.

What kinds of companies use eQuidPro?

Companies across a wide range of industries and of many sizes, use eQuidPro. They include Fortune 500 companies as well as large and high-growth private companies.

What if a candidate, who is sent to me by eQuidPro, is in my company’s pipeline of applicants?

When an organization posts a job on eQuidPro, it is understood they have done their due diligence internally and therefore should have found that particular candidate in their own database. eQuidPro cannot accept ownership of candidates as a valid reason for candidate rejection

How can I reach eQuidPro for questions?

You can send an email to info@eQuidPro.com with your questions and one of our representatives will be able to answer your question via phone or email.

What happens if two recruiters submit the same candidate?

Our system prevents two or more recruiters from submitting the same candidate to the same job. Should this happen, the recruiter, who submits a candidate first, is given credit. Employers will never be required to pay two placement fees for one hire. Please review the term of use to learn more.



If you are using agencies, to augment your recruitment process, then you need to consider using eQuidPro for immediate savings! Combining the power of industry expertise in Agencies with guaranteed savings for the Employer, makes eQuidPro the unique digital process in the industry.

Agencies – the experts!

Agencies come with strong relationships, referrals and have databases of excellent qualified candidates to work with many organizations. They work hard in a very competitive industry to make sure you get the resources you need to satisfy your hiring needs. eQuidPro monitors which agencies are providing the highest degree of candidate quality, to enhance the experience you, as an employer, can expect!

A Complete Digital Automated Recruitment Process

Let the community determine the market rate for your business! eQuidPro enables the community of agencies to determine the fees associated with placements. No need for agreements! Terms and Conditions agreed on in one single place by agencies and organization.

Reduce Employer/Agency Direct Communication

Minimize the need to deal with agency calls, the negotiating process, the pressure to hire their candidates even if you are unhappy with the results. Our process controls the communication with agencies and allows you to maintain the process in dealing directly with candidates to satisfy your hiring needs.

Quality and reduced hiring cycle

We offer a unique automated communication tool which will maintain an efficient portal to only supply the best candidates from each selected expert agency. Our agencies, experts within your industry segment and with qualified recruiters who have many years of experience, will be at your disposal in their efforts to provide your organization with the “best in class” candidates.