Recruitment agencies fall into several categories, Independent Recruiters (Freelancers), Boutique Agencies (Smaller, niche industry focused) and large National or Multinational agencies. It is because of this segmentation that eQuidPro offers opportunity to all recruiters/agencies, regardless of size, to work with Fortune 500 companies that may have eluded them in the past.

eQuidPro has created a more competitive environment where Agencies, of all sizes, have an equal opportunity of competing on a level playing field. In the registration process, an Agency will create a profile that will determine their area of industry expertise as well as the reach of their ability to source candidates for specific job postings. If you are a Freelancer, one that has a niche industry focus, such as SAP Developers, then in building your profile you would indicate this and then receive job orders that request this specific area of experience. The registration process will eliminate your Agency from receiving job postings that do not fit your profile and therefore provide you with a better chance at working on job postings where you have the greatest possibility of success. This is one of the ways in which eQuidPro can guarantee the highest quality candidates are being delivered to the job posting, keeping the Employers engaged and increasing the chances of having a successful hire.Don’t forget, you as a Freelancer or Boutique Agency may invariably be competing with a large National Recruitment Agency, however it will be a fair competition because in eQuidPro’s case, SIZE DOES NOT MATTER, QUALITY IS THE CURRENCY!

Make certain, when registering, to be as clear and specific as possible, it is in this way that you will be receiving the right kind of job orders via the eQuidPro portal.

“If you’re not in the game… you cannot win” so register immediately and start making placements.

Why Agencies Choose Us

The opportunity to level the playing field is most times all it takes to shine

Bigger & Better Opportunities

  • DARP (Digital Automated Recruitment Process)
  • The opportunities are open to Agencies of all sizes, no restrictions
  • Ability to choose job postings aligned with Agency expertise
  • Opportunity to expand into larger markets

One Service Agreement

  • Signing the eQuidPro Agreement eliminates the need to chase after individual MSAs

EFT – Get Paid Faster

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) will guarantee you are paid in full and on-time

Reduce in-house Costs, Increase Opportunities

  • Open doors previously unattainable
  • Savings add to a healthier bottom line
  • Minimizes back office Administration Staff & expense

Fewer competitors working on same order

  • eQuidPro process narrows the competing agencies to 3 – 5 maximum
  • Increases chance of success


  • Commercial General Liability
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Crime Bond
  • Umbrella Coverage


How does eQuidPro make money?

Our clients pay us a portal fee after hiring a new employee/consultant. Recruiters are paid the full amount of the fee by eQuidPro after the candidate has completed the guarantee period minus the portal fee. eQuidPro does not collect fees from recruiters.

How much does it cost to use eQuidPro?

eQuidPro is completely free for recruiters. Go register here.

Who is eligible to work with eQuidPro?

eQuidPro is open to independent recruiters/agencies alike. If you are a preferred vendor for a new employer, or you fill a specialized niche in the market place. All new agencies are screened and approved by a member of the eQuidPro on-boarding team. Working with eQuidPro is easy to use and very rewarding. Recruiters will have an opportunity to bid on most job requests and make more placements. So, start bidding now!

How does a recruiter benefit from eQuidPro?

eQuidPro gives you access to hundreds of jobs, even those that are available only to “preferred” vendors. Instead of spending time cold calling, negotiating contracts, getting on vendor lists, and collecting fees, you can spend your time placing more candidates by working with eQuidPro.

When do I get paid for successful placements?

eQuidPro offers clients (employers) a 90-day guarantee period. Recruiters are paid by eQuidPro 2-3 days after their candidates’ guarantee period is completed. We will do a direct deposit, EFT, into your registered corporate account.

Once you become a registered recruiter/agency, we need you to provide to us:

    1. Articles of incorporation
    2. Incorporation name, business number
    3. HST number
    4. Void cheque (for processing placement fee)

What type of employer’s work with eQuidPro?

eQuidPro works with large (Fortune 500) to mid size enterprises who operate in variety of industries from Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Serveries, Marketing and Retail.

Medium-sized enterprises and small business use our portal, as well

Who can see my candidate when I submit them to a job?

eQuidPro does value your privacy and your candidate. Your candidate profiles are not searchable. Other than the employer to whom you submit a profile, your candidates’ profiles are completely confidential. Privacy and security are of utmost importance to us and we encourage all members to read eQuidPro’ s Privacy Policy.

What type of jobs are available on eQuidPro?

eQuidPro has jobs requisitions for roles across many functions and industries, including: Information Technology, Professional Services, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Management, and many more. These jobs are permanent or contract positions.

What if I currently have a relationship with an employer who is on eQuidPro?

When one of your clients decide to implement eQuidPro’s system, they will advise the agencies with whom they are working with that in order to continue to work with this Employer all agencies must register on the eQuidPro portal. It is in this way eQuidPro maintains complete and fair opportunity for all agencies to have the same chance as any other.

Can I find candidates on eQuidPro?

No. eQuidPro does not give you access to a candidate database. It is the recruiter/agency’s responsibility to find the most qualified candidates and consultants to fill the jobs and earn their fees.

Are employers on eQuidPro responsive?

Just like in a non-digital world, some employers are very responsive, and others are not so much. The best way to get a response from a client is by providing quality candidate/consultants, however to help address this concern, eQuidPro uses key indicators to engage employers and requests them to be more responsive.

What happens if the employer does not pay on time?

eQuidPro will make every effort to collect from negligent employers. With the quality of employers that we have attracted, this has not been an issue. eQuidPro does have contracts in place to prevent that from happening. eQuidPro also provides recruiters/agencies with statistics on employers to allow them to gauge several employer benchmarks — including responsiveness and timeliness of payments. All employers know this information is available to the marketplace and make strong efforts to maintain the right statistics.

How can I reach eQuidPro for questions?

You can send us an email at with your questions and one of our customer representatives will be able to answer your question by email.

What if the employer hires my candidate for another role?

eQuidPro’s agreement with employers ensures that you will get paid if the client (employer) hires your candidate for another role for up to 6 months

How does eQuidPro resolve disputes?

eQuidPros’ Digital Automated Recruiting Process (DARP) provides transparency into the recruiting process that protects our customers from common recruiting disputes. We have put in tight measures to mitigate most disputes. In the event a dispute did arise, we will mediate to work out a settlement between parties. If mediation is unsuccessful, either party can enforce the Terms of Use fully permitted by law.

What if a candidate is submitted by more than one recruiter? How are duplicate submissions resolved?

Our DARP system prevents a candidate from being submitted twice to the same job ID. In the unlikely event that duplicates do occur, the candidate ownership credit will be given to the recruiter who first submitted the candidate based on a time stamp in our DARP system.

Do I provide the contact details of a candidate during the submission process?

Yes. Recruiters/Agencies will be asked to include Name, Address, Phone number, email upon submission within our DARP system. eQuidPro prefers that you keep this information off the resume.

How does the employment guarantee work?

We typically provide a 90-day guarantee to employers. In some rare cases, the guarantee period may be different. This will be identified in the job posting up front.

If the employer believes a candidate sourced through eQuidPro is not the best fit during the guarantee period and the candidate’s employment is terminated (voluntarily or due to cause) link to terms(to paragraph), eQuidPro may, at the client’s discretion, replace that candidate. We would ask you to find a replacement.

Payment is subject to the candidate completing the guarantee period. If a candidate leaves before the guarantee period is over and a replacement candidate has not been identified, neither you nor eQuidPro will receive the placement fee.



Increase Sales

Agencies will reduce sales costs by engaging with organizations they would not have had the opportunity to do so with in the past. An opportunity to bid on more business and increase revenues. Increase dollars and minimize sales cost!

Hire Faster

Our system ensures the client does not drag the process and ensures they respond accordingly to eQuidPro process. It keeps them engaged.

eQuidPro Agency Members

We feel it is extremely important to choose only the best of the best agencies to support our clients. We do go through a robust qualification process to ensure our clients are satisfied and we continue to monitor agencies on a regular basis. There are benefits to being a loyal agency!

Cost reduction

You will realize a reduction in administration costs as our portal will complete all task for you. Minimal effort to place great candidates and simply receive dollars at the end of the process.

Exclusive Candidate

Place hot, passive or on the market candidates faster as you see more roles from suitable organizations. Ability to market quicker! Improve candidate relationships.


All your candidate insurance needs ae taken care of by eQuidPro, we provide Commercial General Liability; Errors & Omissions; Crime Bond & Umbrella Coverage. Your savings in this area are in the thousands of dollars.