About Us

eQuidPro is a revolutionary approach to the employer/agency process of talent sourcing and recruitment.

Having spent many years on the agency side of the recruitment industry, co-founders, Ron and Richard embarked on creating and developing a process whereby companies and agencies could meet on an even, while still competitive, playing field in the pursuit of sourcing the best quality candidates at a fair and equitable rate. Our process delivers the quality sought after while guaranteeing great savings over traditional methods.


Our Responsibility

To enhance the relationship between Employers and Agencies in the recruitment process by building a unique Auction site that will guarantee to save clients money, decrease hiring cycle time and engage agencies to support client hires.

How We Got Here

A Personal letter from the Co-Founders

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

How profound a statement that is, especially in the case of eQuidPro, as the two founders have learned while travelling along this path. We set out to bring a new approach to the recruitment of talent, it has been a lengthy journey but certainly worthwhile. Permit us to tell you a little about that journey!

Richard and Ron have both been involved in the recruitment industry for a combined total of over 35 years, bringing diverse and yet complimentary talents to their business ventures together. Having founded a successful Recruitment Agency, in one of the most competitive landscapes in Canada, the pair were never satisfied with the status quo. Always searching for ways to differentiate themselves from all the other agencies offering the same or similar services. They quickly realized it was necessary to offer a unique service to their clients, that became CMI (Competency Mapping Index) a revolutionary approach to qualifying candidates.

While mulling over how we would change the industry, given the chance, the kernel of an idea began to germinate, Ron & Richard began another journey, one that had potential to revolutionize the industry. All too often the field in which recruitment agencies work is really a stacked deck; Employers, willing to outsource the search to agencies, and they are becoming fewer and fewer every year, are only willing to work with large agencies feeling this is the best way to source top talent. Having been a boutique agency ourselves, this has been a thorn in our sides as much as it has been in many similarly sized agencies.

eQuidPro has established a system whereby, no matter your size, no matter who you know, the playing field is level for all participants. Our system is based on a competitive bidding process, but even more significantly it is only distributed to agencies that have a proven and successful track record within the requested vertical.

Naturally we wanted to build an application that served both sides of the equation, so we made it a competitive bid process, which guarantees the Employer will realize significant savings, while not compromising on quality.

Give us a try, there is no cost to register, employers post as many jobs as they like, and agencies are open to bid on those jobs relevant to their expertise. It’s simple, fast, easy and cost effective!