January 13, 2021 Equidpro

The Blackhole Problem

Have you ever had that feeling when you are applying to a job posting online that your resume just disappears into a “blackhole?” Guess What?! You’re not wrong!

Let’s start with an analogy! When you conduct a search on Google, how many pages do you view before abandoning that search? Are you viewing just the first page? Are you willing to look at 5 pages to get your answer? Reports have shown that 71%-92% will only look at the first page, which means only 8%-29% go beyond that! We can apply this analogy to the “blackhole” concept as within the first 20-25 respondents to a posting, a hiring manager will have at least 2-3 resumes that will fit the job description and will then abandon the search altogether. If you’re not within those first respondents your resume is likely to end up in the “blackhole.”

The statistics increase slightly when the job posting is given to a single recruiter, or multiple recruiters, to work on. Recruiters will do their best to make sure they submit as many qualified candidates as possible, so they are not scooped up by a competitor. There is nothing worse than a recruiter missing a candidate, within their ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and then finding out that that missed candidate is hired by the client!

Everyone has experienced how daunting job searching can be! It’s not my intention to deter you from using recruitment services opposed to going at it alone but I’m sharing my professional opinion on what you can expect when you send your resume to a recruiter! It doesn’t guarantee success! I recommend building a relationship with recruiters to give yourself a better chance of having them submit your profile to a job posting. I suggest making an effort in engaging the recruiter in conversation which could be over the phone, through social media or Zoom/Skype meetings to build that relationship. Staying in touch with them frequently will keep you at the top of their mind when an opportunity does come up. Don’t be afraid to give them a call or send them an email here and there!

Building Relationships is the driving force, not just recruiting! Building relationships with recruiters can really be what makes the difference between getting your resume noticed or having it fall in the “blackhole.”

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